We created Duvaid to be the perfect solution
to all duvet-changing problems.

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Duvaid is made for anyone to use, easily.

Each Duvaid comes with two no slip grip pads which lock your duvet cover in
place for easy duvet cover change. It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

At Duvaid, we believe in accessibility for all.

This product was invented out of empathy for anybody struggling with putting on their duvet cover. The goal was to find an easy way to fit a comforter into its duvet cover without requiring help from a partner, and with minimal pain and time.

Meet Kristel

Our creator, Kristel, created Duvaid because she was tired of struggling to change the sheets easily. Instead, she wanted a simple, easy-to-use product that felt fit for any bed or duvet cover. So she decided to make a product that allows anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness, to make their bed quickly.

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