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Growing up I used to watch my petite mother struggle to fit our comforters in their duvet cover. My father - a man a whole foot taller and stronger than my mother - always seemed to find a convenient excuse not to participate in the bed making. So naturally, I was the ​​​lucky chosen one to help mom with this grueling chore.
Decades later...nothing had changed. My poor little mom still struggled with this chore...and now all grown up and a mother myself, so was I. Asking for my husband's help was like pulling teeth. And not surprisingly, it turned out that I was not the only one struggling with this chore. 
Asking any person who owned a comforter how they change their duvet cover was always met with a groan, a roll of the eyes and a venting session, which was both comical and therapeutic. We became instant comrades in the face of war with our comforters!
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"I learned that people were using the same old labor-intensive techniques that was passed down from generation to generation. In our day of modern conveniences, nothing on the market existed to make this chore easier.

As a professional engineer, I felt a compelling need to end the duvet war for good."

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Duvaid Is Born

This product was invented out of empathy for my mother and anybody struggling with putting on their duvet cover. The goal was to find an easy way to fit a comforter into its duvet cover without requiring help from a partner, and with minimal pain and time.
That's when Duvaid was born...
Duvaid allows anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness, to make their bed quickly. There is no assembly required - the product is ready-to-use when you need it. Duvaid is also suitable for any size and style comforter and duvet cover. And for those of us who struggle to remember where we leave things (guilty!), Duvaid stores conveniently under the mattress so that you can quickly retrieve it for the next use.
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