Put On A Duvet Cover With Ease With Duvaid

Duvaid keeps your comforter and duvet cover locked in place on your bed

Just insert the duvet cover and comforter into the clamp -- which prevents the comforter from sliding – so you can easily pull the cover over the comforter

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4 easy steps to use with no assembly required

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No Assembly

Each Package Contains 2 Grips

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Duvet Cover Changer - Set of 2

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  • Lets you easily change your duvet cover by yourself in seconds without any hassle!
  • Patented duvet cover changer Holds your duvet cover/duvet in place at the top of your bed so the duvet doesn't slip when you pull the cover down to the foot of the bed
  • Each Duvet Cover Changer includes two unique parts: 
    • The Clamp: locks your duvet & duvet cover together on top of the bed 
    • The Grip: fits under your mattress so your duvet doesn't slide when you pull the cover  
  • Each package contains 2 Changers - one for each side of your bed 
  • Fits ALL bed sizes: king, queen, double & twin
  • Easy to use - no assembly required
  • Stores flat under your mattress for your next usage

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Do you hate changing your duvet cover? Is changing your duvet cover and comforter your least favorite household chore? And do you wish there was a duvet changing hack to make this agony go away? Well now there is. It’s called Duvaid – the first duvet changing accessory that will change your life (or at least how you feel about this chore). With Duvaid, you can change your duvet cover by yourself in seconds. Duvaid locks the corners of your duvet cover and comforter to the top edge of your bed so you can easily slide the duvet cover over your comforter toward the foot of the bed. Duvaid is easy to use, requires no assembly and fits all bed sizes from twin to king. Just place the Duvaid grip under each mattress corner, then attach the comforter and duvet cover together and slide it into the clamp that sits on top of your mattress. Then, slide the cover over the rest of the comforter. Once you’re done, you can easily store Duvaid under your mattress for the next time you need it. Shop now and end the wrestling match with your duvet cover.