What Our Customers Are Saying...

  1. Love this product, can't do without it anymore! I change my king and queen size comforters in seconds and it's so effortless. I do it all alone now without having to wait around for my husband's help.
    Leslie G.
  2. Just used my new Duvaid!! Awesome product! Worked like a charm! Never had to pull my husband away from watching TV.
    Patti M.
  3. So simple. Why wasn't this invented years ago?!
    Brooke F.
  4. Bought this for my wife because she kept nagging me about changing the duvet covers. We both agree that it's a really nifty product and definitely makes the chore a lot faster and easier.
    John G.
  1. We love this product! As a stay at home mom I am trying to manage kids, do laundry, make beds ect... and Duvaid has made bed making a breeze! Every mom needs this product in their home.
    Monica S.
  1. This is a super big time saver for making beds.
    Alan S.
  1. I've been saying for years that someone needs to invent something to make bedding easier to handle!
    Sallie C.
  1. Clever idea that makes loading a duvet into the cover much easier, especially if you're trying to do it single-handed. Highly recommended.
    Robert C.
  1. What an awesome product that you have invented!! Thanks for making a great product!
    Kimberly E.
  2. Just a week before, my sister was telling me how much she hates putting on duvet covers. When I heard about Duvaid on NPR's "How I Built This" I HAD to get her one. She said she loves the product. Thank you so much.
    Caitlin L.